Furniture Accessories & Built-in-Units Oy was established 2008 . 

We are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that our clients enjoy and love spending time in. We fiercely take pride of our work and therefor we aim high quality - results but also in most cost effectively way. Our biggest asset is our our expertise , good design and the understanding how the design influences in the costs.

We are specialized in turnkey -service that includes interior design, planning, renovation work, project management and budgetary control. Basically it provides everything what is required for a finished project and  for you to move in. We understand that the weakest link is in the renovation process so therefor our designer is involved in the whole process to guarantee that the result is in harmony with the design plan.

Because our background, we have the knowledge, expertise and contacts to undertake renovations and deliver customized solutions for our clients . Working closely with our suppliers and receiving the latest updates about products gives us a head front what comes to product knowledge. We offer everything you could possibly need to transform your house into a beautiful home incl. build-in-units, furniture, lightning, textiles etc. 

We operate mainly in Helsinki, but we have had projects different parts in Finland. Please contact us for further details.